Back Office System

  Company Profile

  Complete BO Solution

  BO for Multi-Products

  Architecture of BO System

  Modules & their functionalities FO Sys

  Account Management

  Executions Module

  Ledger Module

  Securities and Cash Position Module

  Clearing/Settlement Comm.Modules

  Reporting Module

  Individual Customer

  Corporate Customer


  Deposit and Withdrawal

  Internal Transfer

  Customer Margin

  Product Details


  Settlement Price details

  Product Position Details

  Order Input

  Account Head Transfer

  Customer Account Head Transfer

  Account Head Balance

  Journal Details

  SQ Value

  Koushi Process

  Wariyatei Process

  Batch Process

  Batch Status

  NOZOMI BO Strong Reporting Module

  Sample list of Reports generated

  Con..Sample list of Reports generated

  Order Ticket Report

  Futures Execution Report

  Futures Settlement Report

  Open Position Report

  Customer Margin Report

  Insufficient Margin Report

  Journal Detail Report

  Customer’s Daily Trade Report

  Company Registration

  Details of Stock Exchange

  Support Multiple Product

  Comm. details with regards to the client

  Unique Features

  System features

  Contact details

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