As per the above schematic, various software modules are explained in the below table .


Exchange Market Data Line Handler Module


The EMDLH Module connects to the Exchange Market data System to send/receive the Market Data messages. The Module A& B is shown for the purpose of redundancy. The EMDLH Module A connects to the Market Data Gateway Module A in he normal run. If EMDLH Module A looses connection to Market Data Gateway A for some reason then it will use the connection to Market Data Gateway B.

Market Data Gateway Module ( MDG)

The MDG Module connects to price distribution system to send/receive the Market Data messages. It also connects to the Data Base to store the Market data. If the Market Data like opening price, yesterday closing price is not available in the real time market feed the MDG Module uses the data base to generate the same.

DB (Primary & Backup)

The database will be a repository of all the data. It will be replicated in real-time from Primary to Backup Servers.

Maintenance & Configuration Tool

This tool will be used to setup the user profiles, client session profiles, various parameters

System Monitoring Tool

The System monitoring tool will be a central monitor for all the system activity. All the system components will be connected and periodically monitored by this tool. It will generate a sound and/or e-mail alarm if it detects any abnormal activity. All the errors from various system components will show up on this tool.