As per the above schematic, various software modules are explained in the below table.




Exchange System

This module refers to the trading system of the exchange

Nozomi Warriors Exchange Gateway 1 & 2

This module refers to the software module provided by Nozomi Infotech. This module receives Nozomi Warriors Exchange Formatted data from Clients Algo Engine module, it translates it into the Exchange System format and sends it to the Exchange System and vice versa

Client Algo Engine 1 & 2

Client Algo Engine software module is created by Client. This module sends orders to Nozomi Exchange Gateway module in the Nozomi Warriors Exchange Format and vice versa.

Nozomi Client Gateway 1&2

Nozomi Client Gateway 1 & 2 software is provided by Nozomi Infotech. This module receives messages from Nozomi Exchange Gateway 1 & 2 and sends it to the Nozomi Warriors Frontend.

Client Frontend

Client Frontend is provided by Client. This module controls the Client Algo Engine

Nozomi Warriors Frontend

Nozomi Warriors Frontend receives messages from Nozomi Client Gateway. This Frontend can be used as backup in case of system problems to cancel orders, view positions.

Post Trade risk Management 1 & 2

This module receives order and execution messages from exchange system and calculates risks. If the utilization is over limits it generates alerts and disconnects the exchange gateway