As per the above schematic, various software modules are explained in the below table.


Front Office System

This is the Front Office System used by the traders for trading. The Orders and Executions from this system can be imported to Nozomi Warriors Back Office System.


The Executions modules the executions entered from the Front Office System and also from the Exchange/Broker System

Securities Ledger

The Securities Ledger module manages the ledger of Securities (Stocks, Futures, Options)

Accounting Ledger

The Accounting Ledger module manages the movement of money in & out of client, broker and exchange accounts.

Client Reports & Other Reports

This module manages various reports with the clients and others.

Compliance Reports

This module manages various compliance reports

Securities & Cash Position

This module rolls manages the securities and cash positions every day using batch processing.

Clearing & Settlement

This module handles the clearing & settlement of securities on the settlement day.

Commission Calculator

The commission calculator module computes commissions for various client trades.

Client System

This is the client system which handles various reports sent by Nozomi Warriors Back office system

Exchange/Broker System

Exchange/Broker System interacts with Nozomi Warriors Back office system by exchanging execution data, position data and accounting data.